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Introduction – Definitions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
If we are going to look at illness, wellness and healing we first must look at the what each of these mean. The problem is often that there are so many meanings that it is often impossible to know when we use one of these words and when we talk about what illness is, what it means to be healed, cured or be well that we are all on the same line. Too often in the past having taken for granted that what we believe is the meaning is also what others believe and accept as the meaning of these terms only to find out that we have been talking about entirely different things, apples to grapefruits.

Hence before we start our journey of discussing healing, how to make it create it and make it happen that we all agree upon specific definitions of these terms. We can also agree to disagree about various aspects of these terms while still understanding who the term is being used. We respectfully suggest that if anyone disagrees with our definition, that they 1) use it as a baseline in any discussion and 2) make sure that they clearly state the differences or specific definition they wish to use so that future readers will understand our basic definitions and the writers specific variation of these definitions.

With all of this said let’s jump into this discussion by providing a list of words we plan to define and links to their definitions. As better or clear definition occur or as new acceptable variations of these definitions occur we may change these documents so periodically recheck the basic and definitions and their variations using these links.

Words and terms to be Defined:

Illness (also Sick and Sickness)
Cause of illness
Alternative Medicine
Types of Healing